Alzheimer's /Liver/High Blood
High Blood Pressure   $28.75

.  Supports blood pressure health
·  Calms tension & stress
·  Supports heart health

Black Cohosh, Hawthorn and more herbs to help you relax, support normal
kidney function and to maintain healthy cardiovascular system.
BLACK COHOSH…calming herb renowned for supporting your nervous system
so you can get a good night's sleep; HAWTHORN BERRY... strengthens your
total cardiovascular system; SARSAPARILLA and POKE BERRIES…flush
away buildup of toxins that stress can create.
ngredients: Cinnamon Bark, Black Cohosh Root, Buckbean Leaves, Goldenrod,
Sarsaparilla Root, Hawthorn Berries, Poke Berries; vegetarian capsules.
Common use: Supports blood pressure already within normal range.
liver & gallbladder      $28.75

·  Supports liver & gallbladder function
·  Encourages healthy digestion
·  Milk Thistle - Dandelion blend

Alcohol and processed, fatty foods can put a heavy burden on the liver and gall
bladder. Nourish and protect these vital organs with our cleansing tonic
formula. It blends Milk Thistle, and other valuable herbs to support liver &
gallbladder health.

The liver is part of the body's filtration system and works with the gallbladder to
help the body properly digest fats. MILK THISTLE…its primary compound
Silymarin, helps protect the liver from the effects of toxins, alcohol and
environmental pollutants; YARROW, RHUBARB and BUCKTHORN
BARK…herbal cleansers, that stimulate bile flow, aiding proper digestion and
ngredients: Dandelion Root, Rhubarb Root, Milk Thistle Seed, Blessed Thistle
Herb, Buckthorn Bark, Celandine Herb, Red Clover Blossoms, Rest Harrow,
Yarrow, Lungwort Leaves
Natural Remedies for Alzheimer's Disease  $28.75
Stay Sharp, Alert & Focused With Preventive Therapies
maintain sharp mental acuity through retirement and beyond. Get critical,
up-to-date information on how to use herbs, supplements, and other
therapies to both prevent & treat Alzheimer's disease.
With the right supplements, the right diet, and the right physical and
mental exercise, keep Alzheimer's at bay! Naturopathic physicians guides
us through the maze of natural preventive strategies and therapies for
Alzheimer's. discusses some of the risks involved in using synthetic
pharmaceuticals to treat age-related memory loss and Alzheimer's.
High Blood Pressure
Liver Cleanser