Clean My System
Clean my System/BcBp  $35.00
Blood & Body

Blood Purifier
Blood cleanser
removes toxins from body
Keeps Your System Clean!

•  overall internal cleansing

•  18-herb cleansing

Blood-Purifier/ detoxification formula that cleanses the system. Our formulation
combines: BURDOCK, OREGON GRAPE ROOT, RED CLOVER...superior detoxifiers
and blood cleansers; CHAPARRAL, POKE ROOT, STILLINGIA…powerful cellular
cleansers that also support healthy lymphatic function; SARSAPARILLA,
LICORICE… blood purifying and blood cleansing.

Ingredients: Buckthorn Bark, Burdock Root, Cascara Sagrada, Chaparral Herb,
Licorice Root,Oregon Grape Root, Peach Tree Leaves, Poke Root, Prickly Ash
Bark, Red Clover Flowers,Sarsaparilla Root, Stillingia Root and other herbs.

Blood &Body
BcBp/System Cleaner (Detoxifies)0.7oz of powder herbs. Over 18 herbs in
contents. Purifies& cleanses blood within 24 hrs. Cost;
$35.00. Cleanses hair and
mouth. Cleans and removes all toxins from the body. Safe and effective .Works
immediately. Results in as little, 6 to 7hrs.Best in 24hrs or more. Directions on bag.
Please Note!

All of our products are packaged and
sealed in white plastic jars.

Legend:   8c = 8 veg. Capsules
Fastcaps    $50.00

.  Herbal Detoxification
·  Cleansing ·  healthy liver function
·  stamina & vitality


Herbal Detoxification,blend contains: BUCKTHORN...promotes regularity and
supports healthy bowel function; RED CLOVER…detoxifies the liver and helps clears
mucus from lungs; BURDOCK… flushes the body's cleansing system;
ALFALFA…tonic herb provides vitamins and minerals plus the blood builder &
cleanser, Chlorophyll; BARBERRY…supports healthy liver function & promotes blood
Ingredients:Acai, Alfalfa, Buckthorn Bark, Licorice, Red Clover, Barberry, Burdock
Root, Poke Root, Stillingia, Prickly Ash; vegetarian capsules.

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Blood & Body /Detox


Clean My System/BcBp
Drug Withdrawal Herbs    $50.00

Detoxification formula that cleanses the system. Contains
Removes Opioid,Heroin,Etc. Helps with
addiction,pains,cramps,stomach pangs ect. Cold
sweats,cravings and more.